Sunday, April 18, 2010

In the next few months

I have not kept up with this guy very well, but alas I will try again. First, a status report, then travel plans.

Chinese courses are going smoothly, though it's a constant stress having to move through material so fast for 2 courses (doing Flagship course at IU in Chinese and 4th year Chinese at the same time).

Almost done with my second all Chinese research project.

Got a FLAS Fellowship to pay for my summer in Beijing with Princeton University.

Going for a Boren Fellowship for next year's study at Nanjing University.

This summer, I'll travel around for most of June, then in Beijing with Princeton in Beijing (PiB) from June 24-Aug 20. Shall be an intense language learning experience. Going with Jackson, who was with me in Qingdao last summer.

3 weeks of class left, then summer, then my last semester at IU, then China again spring 2011 to study at Nanjing University, then an internship with a Chinese firm from mid-May 2011 till mid-late fall 2011. Then, who knows.

Now, I have to get back to preparing reports and revising papers. Joy.