Monday, February 14, 2011

Arrival - Nanjing

The plane ride felt quick, though this time I wasn't able to sleep, just couldn't get comfortable. Talked to a few people, stood up for quite a while visiting, watched 3 movies, and didn't eat much. Just didn't feel hungry.

Once we got in to Shanghai, I felt uncomfortable, a headache plus my stomach feeling funny. I'm sure God was helping me out after I got off the plane, because several people approached me about hotels and taxis, and I ignored everyone till this one guy. For some reason I felt I could trust him, and turned out he worked for the airport, and hooked me up with a nearby hotel, only $25 for the night, very nice place. Got 9 hours of sleep and still felt bad, if not worse, in the morning. Took a taxi to the train station, bought a ticket for a train that was leaving 10 minutes after I got there, which I reckon was a good thing. Felt sick, so I wanted to get somewhere, drop off my luggage and stay inside if needed. Train ride, threw up several times, to the point I had nothing left, felt bad, got a taxi to campus, and as soon as I stepped out of the taxi, I felt fine. A little dehydrated, a little shaky, but no more pain and discomfort. Found a hotel nearby, had some drinks, and felt much better. Still not hungry, but I went ahead and got some KFC, and feel fine.

Today, went and walked around, found Costa Coffee, a place I used to go to all the time in Shanghai to study, went out to Uniqlo and H&M. Snowing all day, everyone says it's very abnormal, but it was a nice welcoming gift.

Now, just waiting for tomorrow, when else everyone arrives.

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